Many thanks to Doran Godwin, whose help and enthusiasm for our research in
its early stages was invaluable.

Robert Banks Stewart's detailed, enthusiastic memories of and thoughts on
"Shoestring" are one of the cornerstones of this site. I'd like to thank Mr.
Stewart for providing us with information which would otherwise have
remained out of reach, and allowing us to create a "Shoestring" website
based on the innovative series he co-created and produced.

Thanks to Chris Boucher and Michael Medwin for responding to our questions
during busy times.

Many thanks to the various departments of the BBC who provided advice and

I can't leave out my father who made a lot of PC software available, greatly
speeding the creation of the site.

Finally, thanks to my fellow "Bootlace" enthusiast Dene Kernohan, whose
energy and commitment to researching the world of Eddie Shoestring has
made this demanding project hugely enjoyable -even if we never managed to
author a "scrabble with Erica" wordgame for the site....

In preparing this website Nick & I were assisted by a great number of people.
Quite honestly practically everyone we contacted very generously helped us
out and the site would have been nothing without them.

It goes without saying that I also thank everyone whom Nick thanks below. In
addition, in largely alphabetical order I would like to thank: Justin Bradley,
Robin Byles of Radio Times Online, Bernadette Donaghy and Paul Johnston of
BBC Information, Trevor Eve, Martyn Friend, Nicole Fries and David Sharp of
the BFI National Library, David Harrison of Bristol Times online, Roger Hughes
managing editor of the Radio Times, a big thanks to Haven Lutaaya of the
BBC Written Archives Centre, Martin McAllister, Neil Somerville also of the
BBC W.A.C. and Suzanne Wilkinson of BARB.

In addition we were assisted greatly by the staff at the Colindale Newspaper
Library in London, Belfast Central Library and the NEELB Library HQ in
Ballymena, N Ireland (where I work).

Thanks also to Stephen Griffiths, Alistair McGown, Kate Pitts, Patrick Heron
and Stuart Farquhar.

And particular thanks to my writing partner Nick in this project, it was terrific fun
working with him on this and he remained enthusiastic and diligent throughout
the months and months it has taken!

Finally, I'd like to mention my late father, David Kernohan, here. I clearly recall
watching Series 2 of Shoestring with him on Sunday evenings in the autumn
of 1980 -- I was 9 -- and us both enjoying it a lot (particularly "THE
DANGEROUS GAME"). Very happy memories.

I hope you all enjoy the site!
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