Dene Kernohan and Nick Stewart: How did you become "Shoestring"'s script-
editor, and what was your approach to the series as a script-editor and writer?
Chris Boucher: As far as I can remember - and it is long ago and far away now
- I was brought in as a pinch-hitting script editor when Bob Holmes, who was
script editing, left.

In the circumstances [my approach] was careful and non-confrontational. It was
enthusiastic too - I was knocked out to be working on it. (I always worked hard
not to appear impressed by anything but the truth is I was thrilled to be working in
television - I was knocked out to be on every series I was ever involved with).

Bob Banks was always a very hands-on producer - it was his show after all - who
liked to be involved. Trevor was an actor who liked to be involved. It was all

DK/NS: How did you view the Shoestring character?
CB: The character was fully rounded and established when I joined. It was Trevor
Eve. What can I tell you.
DK/NS: Was "Shoestring" a show that allowed plenty of scope for variety - do
you feel it could have lasted for more seasons than it did, and would you have
been keen to continue working on it?
CB: It was a good, strong format for story-telling. It would have lasted for as long
as the people involved wanted it to last. I think it would ultimately have collapsed
in a welter of blood, broken teeth and dandruff but what the hell. Incidentally I
haven't seen any episodes since that time.
DK/NS: "The Dangerous Game" is one of the best "Shoestring" episodes. It
was transmitted in late 1980. Do you have any memories of the development
of this story, how it was conceived, and whether the narrative went through
many changes during its completion?
CB: [A]s far as I remember there were the usual changes and evolutions that the
scripts involved. I do remember I got off to a bad start with Ben Bolt who was
directing. We reached an accomodation eventually....Good director though as it
turned out.
DK/NS: Were any plans laid down for a third series of "Shoestring"?
CB: Not that I remember. I think Trevor had already made it clear he didn't intend to
go on with it. He was bothered about typecasting I think.
DK/NS: "Bergerac" began production the next year and we wondered if any
unused "Shoestring" scripts were recycled for the Jersey based series?
CB: No. Whole new ball game.
With thanks to Chris Boucher.
In September 2001 Mr Boucher kindly answered our questions relating to his time
as "Shoestring"'s script editor. This period covered the last 4 episodes of Series
Two - "Looking for Mr Wright", "Another Man's Castle" (above left), "Where Was I?"
and "The Dangerous Game", which he also penned. Mr Boucher has written classic
episodes of many TV dramas and we would like to thank him for his contribution to
this site.
Script Editor