Doran Godwin kindly agreed to share her thoughts with us on Shoestring, and
acting. We've reproduced her answers to our questions below, and would like to
thank Ms. Godwin for her enthusiasm and help.

Dene & Nick: What prompted you to become an actress?

Doran Godwin: I was encouraged, as a child, to enjoy books, libraries, poetry,
drama and the theatre. Elocution lessons, L.A.M.D.A. examinations, [and]
inspirational private lessons led, naturally, to going to Drama School and knowing
that I wanted to be an actress. I can't think of any particular actor who interested
me. I loved American films.

DK & NS: How did you get the role of Erica Bayliss?

DG: [It] was offered to me by Robert Banks Stewart with whom I had worked

DK & NS: In what way did you view, or approach playing, Erica?

DG: I had a friend who was a solicitor, he helped me with the 'law aspect' of the
Erica character. She was modern, hard working, bright, [and] independent.
Goodness knows why she took Eddie Shoestring seriously - I think he may have
started off as a tenant in her home. She had him there, in her life, on her own terms
I feel. [There was] not a great deal of actual development - just the ageing process
- [and a] slight dissatisfaction with Eddie at times.

DK & NS: Can you remember any aspects of Shoestring's production?

DG: [The] schedule [was] well planned and executed. I think this was the first (or
second) filmed series for the BBC. This made it exciting, and the permanent
studio sets helped enormously. It was like 'going home'. I was very proud of the
work done on the two series, it was fun being in something modern and enjoyed
by many people.

DK & NS: Had Shoestring continued for a third series, would you have stayed?

DG: I would have been very content to do further series.

With thanks to Doran Godwin.
Erica punting in "The Link-Up"
Erica Bayliss (Doran Godwin) in
"Another Man's Castle" (left) and "The Teddy Bears' Nightmare"
Erica Bayliss
The recent photograph & credit information on Doran Godwin below was kindly
sent to us by STEPHEN GRIFFITHS and is a reproduction of information
contained in the programme for a production of The Merchant of Venice at Ludlow
Castle in Shropshire in which Ms Godwin played Portia. Our thanks to Stephen,
who says she was excellent in it (and we don't doubt it!).