character descriptions
Script © Robert Banks Stewart and Richard Harris, 1979
In Robert Banks Stewart's "PRIVATE EAR" script, the series' premiere episode, the
four regulars are initially described as follows:
"DON SATCHLEY is programme director of
Radio West. In his forties, immaculately
suited, but with slightly flashy
accessories…Madison Avenue come to local
radio…gold tie clip, cufflinks, silk hankie, and
black hide briefcase which he's packing for
the night. Nevertheless a degree of self-
mockery: Big desk, plants, awards on the
walls. Venetian blinds over the big
observation window looking down into Studio
'A'." [p.15]
"SONIA, the receptionist, is packing to go
home. She's about twenty, and in some ways
represents the jaunty, bustling 'persona' of
Radio West all by herself. A bit like the
Woolwich girl. A tiny, female cog wheel who
keeps the place running. She meets everyone
and besides being receptionist, is daytime
exchange-telephonist for ordinary phone calls,
constantly using the in-house address system.
There's also a typewriter on the desk below the
reception counter, which she's covering."
downstairs, dressed to go out. He's around
thirty, has great charm. He's shrewd-
looking and well-built - but there's a touch of
vulnerability." [p.46]
"ERICA BAYLISS is dressed for work -
skirt and blouse. She's thirty, and you know
just from looking at her that she has a good
job, something more than a secretary. Self-
assured, pretty in a characterful way." [p.46]