Blake in
"Stamp Duty"
The actor TIMOTHY BLOCK, who played Blake, one of the villain
Strickland's two menacing henchmen in the Series One episode "Stamp
Duty", contacted us shortly after the 17/01/2002 BBC One afternoon repeat of
this episode and very kindly agreed to share his memories of the filming.
I enjoyed looking at your Shoestring site, it brought back many memories. All a
little nostalgic but what's wrong with that. I played 'Blake' in "Stamp Duty" all those
years ago and only by chance caught it when it was on the other afternoon.

It's all so long ago that I can't really remember much about it. I think I was down in
Bristol filming for about a week. I had been working at The National Theatre for two
years prior and then I worked on an episode of Enemy at the Door; a series about
the German occupation of The Channel Islands. The episode I was in was never
screened because of a strike, as far as I remember.

I was working at The Theatre Royal Windsor when I got the part of Blake. When I
watched the rerun the other afternoon I was amazed how much of it I had forgotten.
I do remember [the] certain sinister humour between the two baddies. A mate of
mine was also in it playing a, I think they were meant to be gas repairmen, when
Eddie was [being shown the] long-range microphone. Suddenly there I was
driving a left-hand drive pickup & I remembered when we were shooting the scene
where I crashed into the fallen motorbike I was worried that I might damage it.
Looking back I think I was a bit concerned about driving around so wildly.

[T]he scene on the 'M4' where Eddie was drunk and dodging cars, I was there
when they shot it. I wasn't called as far as I remember; maybe I was for a scene
later in the day. I sat on the top of a grass bank to see what was going on. Of
course it wasn't really the M4, as I'm sure you realised, well if it was it was a new
bit that wasn't open to traffic. Although it doesn't look like it all the cars were going
pretty slowly and it was rehearsed many times before the take. [O]n the box it's a
really good moment.

I remember thinking how good Martyn Friend was to work with and after we'd
finished he wrote me a very nice letter thanking me. In fact I wrote to him after the
last showing and he again sent me a nice card.

Good luck with your great site.
Our sincere thanks and best wishes to Mr Block.